Avonmore Estate   NR

Avonmore Estate
Mayreef-Avonmore Road
Avonmore  Victoria  3558
Tel.: 03 5432 6291
Fax: 03 5432 6291
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Overview of Avonmore Estate

Established: 1996
Winemaker: Shaun Bryans, Rob Bryans
Annual Cases: 1500
Region: Bendigo
Avonmore Estate (Rob and Pauline Bryans) first planted Shiraz vines in 1997, followed by Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Sangiovese, and a recent planting of Viognier. In accordance with biodynamic principles, the Bryans use no synthetic pesticides, fungicides, weedicides, fertilizers or other chemical additives in growing the vines and producing the wines. The vines are drip irrigated, but with restricted water use, and are allowed to grow and develop naturally with minimum intervention. The wines carry the Demeter certification of the Biodynamic Research Institute.

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